Harnessing the power of renewable water in Hong Kong

The Challenge

As the world faces increasing environmental challenges, manufacturers across the world are turning to renewable energies to become more sustainable. Upgrading manufacturing plants and working towards a more environmentally aware future has never been more relevant.

When a Hong Kong based water authority approached us to upgrade and install a renewable energy system; we knew this was a project we could not refuse.

In collaboration with SPP Pumps, we delivered a complete upgrade, including the installation of a renewable energy source (which enabled planning permission for the upgrades).

The customer informed us that they had previously used pumps as turbines but had experienced a-synchronous problems and operating inefficiencies. We knew therefore that we needed to build trust and provide a cost effective solution that delivered a quick return on investment.

Our turnkey solution provided much-needed peace of mind; harmonic mitigation and optimal power generation through changes to in site operational conditions.

The Solution

  • Mitsubishi A840 75kW Variable Speed Drive DC coupled to a Revcon Regen Unit and passive 75kw Harmonic filter
  • Full panel manufacturer to local specifications
  • Fully automated solution integrated into existing site infrastructure
  • Mechanical equipment specified and supplied from UK
  • Full UK functional witness testing to prove proof of concept

The Result

The plant now generates energy, regardless of the site conditions at the turbine (from 1kW to 75kW). There is a <3% harmonic distortion and a simple grid synchronisation.

As the world continues to move into a new era of industrial sustainability, projects that harness the power of water will continue to grow and with our Drive Solutions Centre partnership, the team at Total Automated Solutions is ready to meet those challenges head on.

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